Our Story

Saint Ida Swim Co. was created by a husband and wife team – Lynsi and Tim – out of a passion for dressing their own kids well and with style. With a nod to 1970's surf culture, Saint Ida swimwear combines a touch of nostalgia with the love for summer days spent by the water. Our designs feature vintage rainbows, beautiful florals and high waisted designs that are not only comfortable but stylish. Every item is made with the highest quality UV protectant material that withstands pilling even after years of washing and wearing. 

What inspired the name?

In 2018, Lynsi and Tim remodeled a 110+ year old church building, once called Saint Ida's Catholic Church. This space was the first studio for their initial children’s clothing brand called Pleiades Designs, and became a symbol for boldly chasing after their dreams. Saint Ida’s provided the inspiration for launching their children’s swim company.