Our Story

Saint Ida was born out of three years of dreaming, designing and planning.

Lynsi and Tim started Pleiades Designs in 2016, and in the process they couldn't help but talk about designs that were a little more casual and not just for girls.  In 2018/19, Lynsi and Tim remodeled a 110+ year old church building, once called Saint Ida's Catholic Church. Built in the early 1900's, it was the very first Catholic Church in Lafayette, Colorado.

This church became the home base for Pleiades, but also helped rekindle their early design ideas. For them this new space became a symbol of boldly chasing after dreams, and provided the inspiration for launching a new clothing brand. 

Lynsi and Tim created Saint Ida Clothing Co. out of a passion for dressing their own kids well and with style. To build a kids wardrobe that is curated and not cluttered; smart and meaningful. Something that can be enjoyed throughout every moment life has to offer.